Sign up to join Lela’s Inner Seasons Women’s Circle – Tuesday’s from 6:30-8pm at Open Door Integrative Wellness Center, 18 N Main St, White River Junction, VT. $30 per session – You are welcome to join weekly or drop in whenever your schedule allows. Summer can be a busy season, and dedicating time to your inner nourishment is essential! I celebrate your decision to choose yourself.

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Ready to get started with essential oils? Share how I can support you next or simply dive in and create a doTERRA Wholesale Account if you already know which oils or natural solutions you would like to add to your home. You receive 25% off all products AND I am here to guide you with how and what to support your individual wellness journey. I look forward to being your Wellness Advocate as there is a gorgeous world full of vibrant energy that awaits!

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Lela Jaacks


I am a certified NES Health Bioenergetic Wellness Coach, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Human Design guide, and Artist. In collaboration with Cia Ricco, I’m currently co-authoring, ”Inner Seasons: A Guide to Being and Becoming”. Beyond these roles, I’m a gardener, a wife, and a mother to three remarkable individuals. My innate talent lies in nurturing growth, and my guiding light radiates with joy, enriching my surroundings.

What is bioenergetics? I encourage you to watch the above documentary. See just how transformative bioenergetics can be. Hear from practitioners and their clients, how bioenergetics took their practice and their health to the next level, along with learning how Co-Founder, Harry Massey’s battle with Chronic Fatigue became the fuel for him to help the rest of humanity regain their wellness. You’ll also hear about the journey of NES Health and our mission to provide the easiest and most effective health system for humanity.

For more resources and juicy FREE bioenergetics content sign up for a NES account through me! It is also the portal that gives you access to the Bioenergetic Wellness Scan, when you’re ready to explore deeper within your inner landscape.

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I invite you to get curious about how you can cultivate more flow, lightness and vital energy within you. I offer NES bioenergetic wellness scans and human design readings. I also weave tapping, mindset & embodiment exercises into my sessions. I have used essential oils my whole life and doTERRA products since 2015. I look forward to sharing all the ways doTERRA can support your body and reduce toxins in your home. Let’s dig in, clear the field to plant what you most desire!

Wellness Consult

Let’s gain clarity? Click above and choose a time that suits you for a FREE consult!

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