Lela Jaacks

I am a certified NES Health Bioenergetic Health Coach, a doTEERA Wellness Advocate, Human Design Guide, and Artist. In collaboration with Cia Ricco, I’m currently co-authoring, ”Inner Seasons: A book of being and becoming”. Beyond these roles, I’m a gardener, a wife, and a mother to three remarkable individuals. My innate talent lies in nurturing growth, and my guiding light radiates with joy, enriching my surroundings.

I was born in Cairns, Australia, and spent my early years in the remote landscapes of Northern Queensland. Surrounded by tropical wilderness, I cultivated a deep love for plants, and the enduring beauty of nature continues to sustain me.

I hold a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design. Following my tenure managing an artist studio in Rhode Island, I’ve settled in Brownsville, Vermont, with my family. Here, I explore joyful expressions of nature through art while seamlessly integrating Bioenergetics, Human Design, and Essential Oils into my life and coaching practice.

I am a 6/2 Reflector in Human Design – schedule a reading if curious to discover more about your HD!

My Intention

Stepping boldly into the light, I’m eager to share my discoveries with you. Modern life is undeniably demanding, pulling us in countless directions. 

My purpose is to support you on your journey of rediscovering your complete self, all while optimizing your energy to infuse more joy and playfulness into your life.

It’s entirely possible!

If you’re someone ready to stake your claim and take purposeful action from a place of profound self-respect, I’m here to guide you. 

Together, we’ll explore the landscape within, gaining deeper insights. Think of yourself and your life as seeds yearning to be nourished and planted in rich, vital soil. You are a magnificent living system, eager for integration and a nourishing infusion on every level. 

The power resides within you, so let’s unlock those gates, dig in, and cultivate your life with love, authenticity, and boundless joy!

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