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  • 30 min Wellness Coaching Session


    Work 1:1 with me to enhance your vitality and create momentum and expansion in your life.

    Duration : 30 mins

  • Bioenergetic Wellness Scan & Consultation Sessions


    Includes the Bioenergetic Wellness Scan. A 90min initial personalized scan consultation. 34+ page scan report. Three 30min check in sessions to touch base over the 28 day recommended infoceutical and/or individual imprinted meditation protocol. NOTE: 5 infoceuticals will be an additional $150 and meditation is $30 to be purchased separately through your NES Health Portal.

    Duration : 1 month

  • Bioenergetics Wellness Scan


    Purchase a Bioenergetic Wellness Scan and scan report without 1:1 consultation with me. Cost of infoceutical protocol and custom meditation not included.

  • Human Design Introductory Session


    Introductory session to get started with understanding your unique design

    Duration : 60 mins

  • Human Design Package Deal


    I will guide you using your human design chart to implement tangible action in your life. In each of the sessions we will look through the lens of the different parts of your chart to bring you deeper understanding of your inner landscape.

    Duration : 6 sessions 40mins each

  • Signature Coaching Package


    Move towards motivation and enhanced energy 1:1 with me. Includes Bioenergetic Wellness scans, a full deep dive into your unique Human Design and each session I will incorporate embodiment and essential oil protocols.

    Duration : 12 sessions 90mins each