30 min Wellness Coaching Session


Work 1:1 with me to enhance your vitality and create momentum and expansion in your life.

Duration : 30 mins


Transmuting Energy: From Contraction to Expansion

In the alchemy of self, we hold the incredible power to transmute energy. Much like nature’s ability to turn rain into blooms, we can transform contracted, held emotions into expansive vitality. By shining the light of awareness on the shadows within. With tools like essential oils, bioenergetic wellness scans, and somatic practices, we navigate the path from contraction to expansion.

Remember, your commitment and willingness to face what’s blocking your energy are key. You’re the healer within, and I’m here to reflect what I see so you can bring awareness and release what’s held within.

We each have the capacity to heal and feel wholeness. That’s my deepest wish for all.

Ready to embark on your own journey of transmutation?

Let’s unlock the vibrant energy within you! 

(Trained with Margaret Lynch Raniere, NES Health, Erin Claire Jones, and doTERRA)


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