Human Design Introductory Session


Introductory session to get started with understanding your unique design

Duration : 60 mins


Human Design uses your birth data to calculate your Human Design Chart, or BodyGraph. The BodyGraph is a graphic illustration of the energetic flow within your system, a blueprint for how you operate and interact with the world.

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

With Human Design you discover what makes you different from everyone else. It offers profound insights into your psychology, along with strategies and techniques for making correct decisions and ultimately leading to a life of more ease and fulfillment.

Your BodyGraph shows your Definition—anything colored in—and your openness—anything left white. Definition reveals who you are, and remains consistent throughout your life. Your openness is where you are susceptible to conditioning, and can result in what Human Design calls the Not-Self.

This is what the Human Design System has to offer. Simply put, if you want to

  • Discover how to Improve the quality of your life in a simple yet immensely effective way
  • Make the right moment-to-moment decisions, resulting in improved relationships and career choices
  • Manage the challenges that are part of daily life without getting overwhelmed

You have the innate ability to make choices that are in alignment with your authentic nature, and based in your personal Authority; this knowledge will empower you to live a fulfilling life in your unique way.

Human Design offers a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. Using simple tools, it guides you in discovering your own truth. If you suffer from a lack of self-love or clarity about your purpose and the direction of your life, this system can help.

Human design literally has given me permission to be more of who I already knew I was. It allowed me to release an inner pressure of comparison. I now embrace my multifaceted nature and feel more free to express myself in many ways not narrow myself to one career etc. I am a 6/2 reflector and I am living more fully into my design which is liberating!

If you’re curious to discover what type, strategy, inner authority, signature, not-self theme, and profile you are book this introductory session with me. Let’s shed light on how you are uniquely meant to operate in this world.

Understanding my design has brought such clarity to my interactions with my family. Gaining awareness of what they’re unique qualities are has grounded me at a deeper level as a mother and wife. Overall human design has deepened my respect for myself and others individual ways of being.  



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