Signature Coaching Package


Move towards motivation and enhanced energy 1:1 with me. Includes Bioenergetic Wellness scans, a full deep dive into your unique Human Design and each session I will incorporate embodiment and essential oil protocols.

Duration : 12 sessions 90mins each 


This is the full experience!!! Investing in yourself you will implement a new way of being. You will work 1:1 with me. Meeting weekly for 12 in-depth sessions. We will use monthly Bioenergetic Wellness scans, dive deep into your unique Human Design as well as incorporating embodiment and essential oil protocols over the 12 sessions.

In the alchemy of self, we hold the incredible power to transmute energy. Much like nature’s ability to turn rain into blooms, we can transform contracted, held emotions into expansive vitality.

By shining the light of awareness on the shadows within you will clear interferences that have been holding you back from accessing the abundance of vital energy. Release inner resistance with the breakthrough codes and move towards a motivation rebound. Takes you from stuck and procrastinating to enthusiasm, confidence and action. For all those that are willing to commit to yourself and dig in to create your most aligned life.

Let’s unlock the vibrant energy within you!

(Trained with Margaret Lynch Raniere, NES Health, Erin Claire Jones, and doTERRA)


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